There is no doubt that EVEN if you are only buying 2-3 bottles of doTERRA Essential Oil Per Year you are much better off with a wholesale membership - This gives you 25% off retail pricing along with your own ordering portal and retail website in case you decide to SHARE THE LOVE..

There are two ways of gaining a wholesale membership.

1. Purchase a wholesale membership at a cost of $35

2. Purchase an enrolment kit and your membership is included free! (Best Option)

PLEASE NOTE - If you want to purchase your kit using afterpay, you need to go through the shop option and checkout via shopify.

I will then process your enrolment manually and will be in touch for required details (basically just need your date of birth).

If you do not want to use afterpay, follow the steps below.


Go to MY doTERRA WEBSITE & at the top of the page select JOIN NOW & SAVE

Choose Australia (Above) (Unless of course you are in the USA!) - you can always place a one time International Order if you decide that you want products that are only available via the US Warehouse.

On the next screen select Wholesale Prices

When you select Next, you will be prompted to enter your details.

Leave the enroller ID & Sponsor ID as it is so that I can assist and support your journey with doTERRA.

Once you have completed this step it will be time to start placing your first order! How EXCITING!

This is where you will need to decide if you would like to just purchase the $35 membership and then add whatever else tickles your fancy OR the best option is to take advantage of one of the GREAT enrolment kits - I started with the HOME ESSENTIALS kit which gives you a selection of oils, along with a diffuser to get started - the only other thing that I would add to your cart is a fractionated coconut oil to use as a carrier for massage and skin care.

REMEMBER - if you choose one of the kits you do not need to also add in membership as it comes FREE with your enrolment kit!

With either the membership or a kit you also receive the following :

Your own ordering portal, your own retail website, dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet (includes a Product Guide, Welcome Letter, Cap Stickers, Live Brochure, Share Brochure and Build Brochure)

I will also gift you something to get you started!

The next step is setting up your monthly order - now, don't stress, there is NEVER any requirement to place a monthly order, it just gives you the option to have one if you wish - I use it for my regular items that I easily go through in a month - lavender, on guard, toothpaste, hand wash, fractionated coconut oil & anything else I think of during the month. Whatever is in this cart is set to auto-ship on the 15th of the month but you can delete it or change it anytime throughout the month. The other thing to know about your monthly order is that whilst ever you have one in your "cart" you have the ability to earn rewards, and participate in product promotions like the oil of the month - which is yours free if you have an order totaling 125 product value or above. You can find out more about LRP here :

Loyalty Rewards Program – Fast Track
Loyalty Rewards Program

If you have any problems, please give me a call on 0412 676726 and I can guide you through.. ALTERNATIVELY you can download the Wellness Advocate Agreement Form and check out the Enrolment Kits Flyer

Scan and return to me or simply give me a call and we can do it all over the phone.